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We provide foreign labor and domestic maids to various industries, highly trusted by our clients for the past years.

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Foreign Workers  

Foreign Workers

At the same time, Global Mastery has taken a series of measures to ensure that the foreign workers we bring in are of good quality and that the risk of the workers fleeing is minimal.
These effective measures include passing the foreign worker’s resume to the employer, briefing the foreign worker on his/her employer’s trade and the nature of work, and arranging a transparent meeting between both parties. Such a matching expedient tends to improve the stability of foreign workers.


Our Services   Assist COMPANY on New Quota Application to ALL Sectors (Manufacturing, Construction, Service, Plantation and Agriculture)  
Our Services   Renewal Permit  
Our Services   Medical (FOMEMA) Registration  
Our Services   Local and Foreign Worker Placement  
Our Services   Other Immigration Permit related such as Dependent Pass, Expatriate Visa and Ikhtisas  
Domestic Maids

Domestic Maids

Through compatible matching and briefing a domestic maid in advance of her employer’s situations and demands, e.g. the size of the family, whether there is a baby or an elderly person to be taken care of etc, we give her a better insight and make her more willing to come over here and work.
Our coordination efforts minimize the risk of a domestic maid fleeing due to work dissatisfaction. With regards to domestic helpers, Global Mastery offers a reasonable guarantee period, in that if a domestic maid flees within the period, we shall give the customer a ‘one-on-one replacement’.


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